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Title Insurance in Panama:

Panama Title & Escrow Inc. is not an insurance company in Panama, however, we are introducing agents for several international insurance companies, who offer property title insurance policies & title guarantees in Panama.

Title insurance policies in Panama require a one time insurance premium (payment) that is generally around 1% of the insured value, although the insurance company must evaluate the property and assess the risk before they issue the official quotation.

In addition, there is a one time title report that must be generated by a licensed and approved attorney (in our case, Panama Offshore Legal Services), which has a cost of between $1000 to $2000 depending on the particular subject property.

For more information on property title insurance in Panama, please Contact Us.

Other Insurance Services:

For all other types of insurance services in Panama, such as fire insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, medical insurance, etc., please Contact Us for a quotation by our licensed insurance agents.


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