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Deposit Instructions

FIRST: The first step is to print, complete, and sign, an Escrow Agreement.  The Escrow Agreement is very important because it regulates the relationship and defines the terms and conditions of the escrow services that are provided, plus it is required by the bank to clear the funds.  The Escrow Agreement can be downloaded at the following link;

SECOND: Next, please make a photocopy of your valid passport (if you do not have a passport, please use an alternative identification, such as a government issued drivers license), and get a bank reference letter (or copy of your bank account statement) from the bank where the funds are being sent from.  If the funds are being sent from a third party, then please write a detailed letter to explain where the funds are being sent from.  Please note that the bank may require additional information about the source where the funds are sent from if the funds are sent from a third party.

THIRD: Fax or scan and email the completed and signed Escrow Agreement, photocopy of passport, and bank reference letter (or account statement or third party letter) to our fax number in Panama ++(507)227-7485 or email.

FOURTH: Provide information and documentation of origin (source) of funds (savings, business transaction, property sale, etc.), and information and documentation in regards to destiny of funds (example; a Property transaction, investment, etc. -- if we are processing your transaction we must provide this information to the bank).  This information should be provided through a letter, signed by you, explaining these details, with supporting documentation such as a purchase agreement, bank or investment account statement, etc.

FIFTH: Once the above is complete, then you may deposit funds to Panama Title & Escrow Inc. to complete your transaction.

Clients of Panama Title & Escrow Inc. may deposit funds by any of the following methods;

I. Deposit by Bank Wire Transfer;

The fastest way to deposit funds to escrow is by Wire Transfer. Please contact us for wire instructions;

After sending any wire transfers, please confirm by faxing us a Wire Deposit Notification Form. This form is necessary for us to identify your wire transfer when it enters the escrow account, and it is required by the bank to identify the source of funds. The Wire Deposit Notification Form can be downloaded at;

Fax or scan and email the Wire Deposit Instruction Form to:
Panama fax: ++(507) 227-7485 or Email:

II. Deposit by US Dollar Check;

US checks take 21 business days to clear in our escrow account.  Local Panamanian checks take 3 business days to clear.

  • Please make checks payable to “Panama Title & Escrow Inc.”
  • Send checks by courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.) to the following address;

Panama Title & Escrow Inc.
IPASA Building, 3rd Floor,
41 Street Off Balboa Avenue
Panama City, Republic of Panama
Tel: 507.227.6645

  • Send checks by POST mail to the following address;

Panama Title & Escrow Inc.
PTY 196, PO Box 025724,
Miami, Florida, 33102, USA

SIXTH: If your transaction is for the purchase or sale of property in the Republic of Panama, and you are utilizing a corporation with nominee directors to hold ownership of the property, then you must also send (by fax, scanned email attachment, post, or courier) us a letter of Authorization for the Nominee to sign the purchase/sale documents.  The letter of Authorization will be sent to you via email from our property department.

SEVENTH: To disburse funds from the escrow account, you must complete, sign, and send us (by fax, scanned email attachment, post, or courier) a Disbursement Request Form, which can be downloaded from the following link;


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