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Buy Procedures

FIRST (Contact Us): Once you have agreed to purchase a property, you or your real estate broker should contact us at Panama Title & Escrow, Inc. and provide us with the complete information of the transaction.  Our phone number is: (507) 227 – 6645 and our e-mail address is:

SECOND (Confirmation): We (PT&E) will contact all the parties involved (Seller, Broker, Law Firm, etc.) in the transaction to confirm the complete information (purchase price, payment form, Broker’s commission if any, Legal Services Fees, etc.).

THIRD (Balance and Wire Instructions): We will send you an updated Balance sheet after it is reviewed by our accountants which will include a complete breakdown of transaction payments.  At this time, you will be provided with our bank wire instructions and check deposit information.    Please note that is very important, when you send a wire you should always fax us a wire or check deposit instruction form to either our US fax: 1-800-716-3452, or our Panama fax: ++(507) 227-7485.

FOURTH (Closing and Payments): Once our client authorizes us in coordination with the attorney handling the transaction’s buy/sell contract we will arrange for the Closing (payment to the seller and signature on the final contract).  PT&E will then make the final payments and disbursements to all parties involved (attorneys, real estate broker commissions, etc.) to complete the transaction.

FIFTH (Invoice):  PT&E will then provide our client with a detailed invoice of our provided services with a complete breakdown of the fees.

SIXTH (Payment Receipts): PT&E will then provide our client with all payment receipts and transaction documents.

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