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About Panama Title & Escrow, Inc.

The Company:

Panama Title & Escrow, Inc. (PT&E) is an independent escrow company duly licensed and registered at the Public Registry of Panama. Our professional staff is composed of licensed accountants, attorneys, and licensed real estate professionals.

Our primary business focus and purpose is to provide professional Panama escrow services to buyers and sellers of real estate property in Panama.  In addition, we can provide escrow services for other transactions, including but not limited to;

- Maritime Vessel Purchase or Sale Transactions.

- Aircraft Purchase or Sale Transactions.

- Litigation, Arbitration or Lawsuit Settlements.

- Business Purchase or Sale Transactions.

The Process:  With Panama real estate transactions, PT&E receives the full payment from the purchaser and holds the funds in escrow until the transaction closing.  Upon authorization from our client, PT&E disburses the funds to the seller, pays the real estate broker commissions (if any are due), disburse payments to the construction company (for property development, if any), pays the attorneys for any legal services provided, and disburse payments to any other party involved with the transaction.

We provide you with the following advantages:

  • Dependable, quality service providing you with the best escrow service.
  • Everything you need to securely purchase Panama real estate is provided by us.
  • Experienced Spanish and English speaking staff with an excellent reputation.
  • Our escrow fees, closing fees, and incorporation fees are affordable.
  • 100% confidentiality, privacy, security, and anonymity.
  • We assist you to protect your assets to the fullest extent.

Start Today – If you are planning to purchase or sell a Panama property or any other asset, simply contact our professional staff with the details of your transaction.  We can provide you with the information to get your transaction started quickly, efficiently, and professionally.


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